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So I'm working on a project that involves saving and opening of binary files. I've got both the save and open methods working properly - using SaveFileDialog and OpenFileDialog respectively. So when I explicitly call these methods to save or open a file, they work as they should and I can save the data or load the data into my program.

The problem I'm running into is occurring when I save a file, close the application, then double-click the saved file to open it. It will open the application, but I can't figure out how to work with the binary file. I've tried to use the Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() thinking I could then get the filename and send it to my load method - put when I cycle through all the command line arguments, I only get one string (the name of the application).

I've done a lot of searching online, and it may just be that I'm not searching for the proper thing, but any help that anyone could provide on this would be extremely appreciated.


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Well my form has multiple input fields, and when I call the save method, I combine all those fields into an object and then serialize that object into a binary file. Did I just dance around your question - or did I get what you were asking?


I don't think I can answer your question so right on the fly, but you certainly made it much clearer for the guys and girls around here.:)


Well nonetheless, thanks for alerting me to the fact that my initial post was a tad confusing.

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