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Whew… Cutting it close for this week’s blog, sorry to keep you waiting, this week’s is short and sweet.

Let’s get real. Pay Per Click ads all look the same, let’s face it. They all use all of the buzz words Premium, Superb, Affordable, Best, Super. Ok, here is a crazy thought instead of being a sheep, be the shepherd and quit doing the same thing everyone else does. Let’s think about what is being said in ads and put it in a real world example. If you were to go drive by 10 billboards on the side of the road that all essentially said the same thing about the same product but different manufacturers would you remember who said what? Would any of the ads of made a mark on you? As the great Seth Godin says, “be remarkable”.

Ads now a days are so vague due to character limitations from Google that people forget that a consumer or business needs to understand and be engaged with your message to get them to click. They way to think about your ads is what would it take for you yourself to click on the ad. If you were to search on a topic what would you be looking for? It’s really surprising that people are so gung ho to get their pay per click campaigns running without really thinking about the message. A lot of businesses spend so much time on the post click pieces (landing pages, forms, databases) that they forget that really the most critical piece outside of setting up your campaign is the message once consumers find your ad.

I know this topic may not be as exciting as others, but believe me you need it!

Getting back to last week’s topic of Quality Score, let’s not lose sight of this topic. I know I am repeating a note from last week but relevancy is always key, when you are creating your ads be sure to add your keyword phrases into your ad title copy, this increases your quality score thus making your ad stand out and have the keyword or phrase be bold in the title. It’s the little things and always be sure your pay per click ad when you read it doesn’t make you think “I said what?”….

It depends on what is the purpose of the PPC campaign - is it to increase awareness or increase sales? Therefore this goal will influence the type of words/copy you will see with the PPC display ad.

Thanks for the feedback. What you posted is right on point, understanding what your purpose is and making sure the ad copy matches the intent increases your chance for conversion.

Thanks for the great response!
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