Here I have put together a small program compiled from the ideas of other members on this forum. It allow all DOS programs to work again on Windows XP including QBasic!!! Here Is the Link!


Just Download DosWINXP - Fix and follow the instructions during the setup.

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Sry stupid free hosting... lol, I'm going to switch to a new server soon. Lots of people are downloading it and my bandwidth is maxing out. I'll get a new server very shortly! Sry for the inconvience


so is there some way to get this file..as all i get are popups and:
This site has reached its bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
can anyone post or email to me plz?


As far as I can tell, all it does is install this file into \windows\system32 as autoexec.nt:

@echo off

REM AUTOEXEC.BAT is not used to initialize the MS-DOS environment.
REM AUTOEXEC.NT is used to initialize the MS-DOS environment unless a
REM different startup file is specified in an application's PIF.

REM Install CD ROM extensions
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe

REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir

REM Install DPMI support
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

REM The following line enables Sound Blaster 2.0 support on NTVDM.
REM The command for setting the BLASTER environment is as follows:
REM where:
REM A specifies the sound blaster's base I/O port
REM I specifies the interrupt request line
REM D specifies the 8-bit DMA channel
REM P specifies the MPU-401 base I/O port
REM T specifies the type of sound blaster card
REM 1 - Sound Blaster 1.5
REM 2 - Sound Blaster Pro I
REM 3 - Sound Blaster 2.0
REM 4 - Sound Blaster Pro II
REM 6 - SOund Blaster 16/AWE 32/32/64
REM The default value is A220 I5 D1 T3 and P330. If any of the switches is
REM left unspecified, the default value will be used. (NOTE, since all the
REM ports are virtualized, the information provided here does not have to
REM match the real hardware setting.) NTVDM supports Sound Blaster 2.0 only.
REM The T switch must be set to 3, if specified.
SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 P330 T3

REM To disable the sound blaster 2.0 support on NTVDM, specify an invalid
REM SB base I/O port address. For example:


Hey just stumbled across this forum. I recently swapped my MB into a new case and something went wrong with my BIOS setup. No big deal I simply reset all the important stuff and was back up.

Problem that brought me here was that my W2K system now refused to run any old DOS based applications including QBasic. Went to a black screen for a second then right back to the desktop with no error messages. I searched high and low for a fix as I see some of you here have had to do as well.

I don't know exactly what this file does but it fixed the problem with my NTVDM.

It's for fixing an XP NTVDM broken by a recent service patch but it worked perfectly with my Win 2000 server. I think this may be related as my windows 2000 just did an update also.

I tried all of the registry and bios tweaks and nothing worked. This file did the trick and caused no problems. No spyware or viruses, nothing spooky happened. Just a simple fix that worked for me.

Unfortunatly I closed the page it was on and can't relocate it quickly so I can't direct you to any information. Oops, just found it!

also here

I tried everything short of replacing all 40 known DLL's associated with NTVDM.

This file worked great and now I'm happy again.

I hope this helps others because it was hard to find when searching for W2k fixes. It was for XP but since they are both based on NT I gave it a shot. Yep it worked!

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