Hi, i'm having a little trouble with my form. My application reads data from a .mdb file and then categorize it.
Make Model
Ford Mustang
Ford Focus
Toyota Auris

On the form every make is a label and next to it i have a combobox with al the models. I have no problem doing this, I create my combos and labels when I find a new make. the only thing is that if I have too many labels and combos on Y-axis and I have to scroll to the form, the repainting takes a bit too much, I think. I mean it's not smooth like scrooling an explorer window, it takes about half a second to redraw the form.
Can anyone please tell me what might be the cause?
PS: the number of labels and combos is somewhere between 60 and 90 pairs

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>the number of labels and combos is somewhere between 60 and 90 pairs

for such a big number that is normal for painting to take time.


Upload your project with the database. There is probably something that can be done to improve the performance.


ok, i uploaded the entire project with any additional files needed. first i have to clear some things : like i said my data is from a .mdb, but i receive it in xls ( the xls is a select from a huge mdb, or at leats that is what they told me ). from useri_DT.mdb i use only 2 table "usere" and "tip_dt". The password is "MihaiS" for all the mdbs. "DRac.xls" and "useri_DT.mdb" need to be on your desktop.
the button that does the "magic" is "Klculeste", it does all the math and also creates 3 mdbs on desktop in a folder called "DRac".

i hope can understand what i've done there, i'm new to c# and i've done everything by searching on google, or some idiot ideea of mine to avoid unpleasant situations (see the try{}catch in avoiding the error that the mdb already exists :S or i'm sure you can find many others :'()

PS: i tried setting the DoubleBuffered property to true,but no result

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I can't get that project to work.. you have to fill stuff out and click, the DateTime values won't parse... there are a number of problems :(


i can't find what could be the problem...i downloaded the zip extracted it all on desktop clicked "Klculeste" and it works ( with the same lazy form repainting but it works). i don't know if it matters or not but my os is vista home premium and i created my project in visual studio 2008 professional edition .net framework 3.5 sp1

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