Hi, i'm having a little trouble with my form. My application reads data from a .mdb file and then categorize it.
Make Model
Ford Mustang
Ford Focus
Toyota Auris

On the form every make is a label and next to it i have a combobox with al the models. I have no problem doing this, I create my combos and labels when I find a new make. the only thing is that if I have too many labels and combos on Y-axis and I have to scroll to the form, the repainting takes a bit too much, I think. I mean it's not smooth like scrooling an explorer window, it takes about half a second to redraw the form.
Can anyone please tell me what might be the cause?
PS: the number of labels and combos is somewhere between 60 and 90 pairs

>the number of labels and combos is somewhere between 60 and 90 pairs

for such a big number that is normal for painting to take time.

Upload your project with the database. There is probably something that can be done to improve the performance.

Set the DoubleBuffered property of the form to true. Default it is false.

ok, i uploaded the entire project with any additional files needed. first i have to clear some things : like i said my data is from a .mdb, but i receive it in xls ( the xls is a select from a huge mdb, or at leats that is what they told me ). from useri_DT.mdb i use only 2 table "usere" and "tip_dt". The password is "MihaiS" for all the mdbs. "DRac.xls" and "useri_DT.mdb" need to be on your desktop.
the button that does the "magic" is "Klculeste", it does all the math and also creates 3 mdbs on desktop in a folder called "DRac".

i hope can understand what i've done there, i'm new to c# and i've done everything by searching on google, or some idiot ideea of mine to avoid unpleasant situations (see the try{}catch in avoiding the error that the mdb already exists :S or i'm sure you can find many others :'()

PS: i tried setting the DoubleBuffered property to true,but no result

I can't get that project to work.. you have to fill stuff out and click, the DateTime values won't parse... there are a number of problems :(

i can't find what could be the problem...i downloaded the zip extracted it all on desktop clicked "Klculeste" and it works ( with the same lazy form repainting but it works). i don't know if it matters or not but my os is vista home premium and i created my project in visual studio 2008 professional edition .net framework 3.5 sp1