Hello all,

I have created a wpf application and have run into a couple of problems... :-(

I have published my project, copied the (published ClickOnce installer) files to another computer, installed my app and it stops working as soon as I launch...
My problem seems to occour only on client machines, the solution runs just fine inside the IDE on my dev machine.

My question is how can I find out exactly what caused my application to crash on the client?
I have JIT debugging on my development machine, however on the client all I get is 'MyApp has stopped working' close program dialog.

Merci, Leigh

On the client maches you need to write the stderr and stdout to a text file. If an app crashes before Application.Run() it will write out the diagnostic info:

AppName.exe >> debug.txt 2>&1

After the app crashes take a look at debug.txt and it should indicate your problem