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Hello To All,

I want to implement peer-to-peer video streaming in my WPF project.
Plz help me by referring any web site or sample code which i can use
in my project.
Thanks in Advance

With Best Regards
Hardeep Singh Bhullar

This is a rather complex issue. Assuming what type of effort you are willing to put into this, there are many options you can research to accomplish this.

If you visit http://msdn.microsoft.com and search for these topics, all of the API's (Application Programming Interfaces) are available to you free of charge.

Some techniques will use DirectX api to access the underlying Video sub-systems of windows. There are many examples available for download.

Keep in mind that if you are looking to do peer-to-peer streaming, then you may also need to research TCP/IP Sockets and create your own technique for getting video from one system to the other.

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