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my outlook profile handles two accounts one is of exchange and another one is of IMAP. Out of these two accounts I want to sync with IMAP account in certain cases only(like when system is idle or when exchange is offline)

For achieving this I have created an Outlook Add in that handles Syncstart event, when sync start is fired I am just stopping that by Stop() method of Sync object.

I have tried below code but was not able to stop the sync. Can anybady help me on this.
here i am using c#..

private NameSpace ns;
ns = ThisAplication.Session;
private Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.SyncObjectClass mySyncObject;

public void OnStartupComplete(ref System.Array custom)
mySyncObject = (SyncObjectClass)ns.SyncObjects[1];
mySyncObject.SyncStart += new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.SyncObjectEvents_SyncStartEventHandler(mySyncObject_SyncStart);

private void mySyncObject_SyncStart()

Thanks in advance.

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