Hello guys, I have some problems with my project and I want to ask you for some advice.

Firstly thank you in advance.

1. How can I create an application with multiple languages ?
- My solution was to read from the file, but it was not proved very effective because when you run the application you must wait even 3-4 seconds to be fully loaded.
Do know a more efficient solution or a tutorial how I could solve this problem?

2. How can I write a long string in the database ?
- In the my application have a "TestBox" where the string can reach lenght greater than 3000 characters, but in the MS Access database can write a string that is less than 430 characters.

Solution for this problem or a some tutorial ?
Thank you in advance.

I believe you can use the memo datatype in access to store BLOB/large text. I would not recommend using a database for localization.

@duckman_ca, thank you for the link... and for the database and I was thinking to use another database but I has decided to ms access base because it is easy to use for small projects like mine.

@sknake, thank you for the information, I don't knew about it.

My conclusion is that the application would be best to do unilingual (only one language, because it did not change anything), and the database to remain the same (MS Access).

However, the information will be of great benefit to me. ;)

Thanks once again :)

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