My boss wants me to research weather or not someone can "tell on a company" with unethical seo tactics. Can people make reports to google, or other search engines?

If a company creates multiple domains with like content etc... any input?

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Check the following pages they may help you in your problem


First question is why would you use black hat SEO, knowing that your website wont stay ranked? To answer your question though, yes they can and most people do not follow through with there threats. But why take that chance that someone may find out or Google blacklists you?

I'm not actually using black hat SEO, it was just a topic my boss asked me to research. Lol.

Thanks for the links, abellazm, and thanks for answering my question, jreddick :)

Back hat SEO may ban you by Google. This shows result very fast and also goes down very fast.
So don't go with Back Hat SEO

Shucks, you never let me do anything fun! ;)

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