Google BUZZ should be called Google SPAM

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Google, the almighty, non-eco-friendly search engine released Google Buzz, a new type of social network this Tuesday. When I read an article on saying that Google claims that there has been 9 million posts and comments since Tuesdays launch, I found it impossible to believe, so I went and did some research.

Google Buzz allows you to connect twitter, Google reader, Youtube, Flickr, Google chat, and Blogspot into your Google Buzz. You're probably thinking "Okay, so I'm able to connect sites into my account, but what does that have to do with this news story?"

Well my friend, at first glance it appears that there isn't a connection whatsoever, but the truth is that they're entirely connected.

Each site that you let Google Buzz connect to is allowed to post into your buzz stream. Google Reader for instance is a good feeding ground for spam, so let's say for that your friend Fred liked some spam and hit the shared button in Google Reader, now that piece of spam is in hisGoogle Buzz stream for all of his friends to see. Now let's say a million people used Google Reader and did the same thing, now we have a million pieces of internet spam being shared across the internet.

I want everyone to be clear on exactly what Google Buzz is and what is not. It has NOT recieved 9 million status updates from breathing human beings in 48 hours. What it IS doing is letting your friends share spam with you in a new way.

I conclude this news story by saying, way to go Google, you've found yet another way for people to share spam with one another!

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It seems that the premise of Google Buzz is for members to share their comments. My thing is "Do people really care?" I wish they do but what do you think?

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I thought my news story made my point clear. I think the whole thing is a new spam system, especially since it exposes peoples email addresses to all of there followers. Wow, a new way of reading spam and cold sending spam. Google sure has achieved a lot in two days. They have been "Fighting the crime of spam" for a few years and in two days they've accomplished on undoing their work. LOL, the irony.

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Ya it's a spam machine alright. It must somehow serve to bolster the bottom line. Google, that overgrown, unsupervised forked tongue.

Don't be evil.

tiger86 commented: Fred, you have a very good insight on Google Buzz. thanks for backing me up +2
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Could Buzz be just another vehicle for Google to be able to generate more user content and thus tie it with advertising?

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