hey guys,

i'm making a kool program for a game
but when i debug the program it keep coming up with expected = , when i tried this code:

Shell ("Ping start" + Combo1.Text + ".blahnin.com -t", vbhide)

is there a way to fix it? or is there another way i can hide this shell app?

btw here is my code:

If Combo1.Text = "SELECT WORLD" Then
 MsgBox "Please select World", vbExclamation, "Select World"
If Option1.Value = True Then
Call Start
End If
End If
End Sub
Sub Start()
Shell ("Ping start" + Combo1.Text + ".blahnin.com -t", vbhide)
End Sub

Your syntax is incorrect. Herewith the correct.

Shell ("Ping start" & Combo1.Text & ".blahnin.com -t", vbhide)

Replace the '+' sign with '&'
Does this help?

still getting the same error even though i changed

I did not pick up the second error in code the first time. Here goes.

Shell ("Ping start" & Combo1.Text & ".blahnin.com -t"), vbhide

The ')' was in the incorrect place.

how many times you run this?
when u close this?
do u want to ping a url?
send me what u shell excatlly
mean the output data