Hi, everyone!

I am using Interop.Photoshop.Dll from my C# Windows Forms application. I am using a com object that Adobe Photoshop CS4 provides to use Photoshop in my C# program.

I'm using the ApplicationClass class to launch Photoshop. I have Photosoft CS3 and CS4 on my machine. When I do this:

Photoshop.ApplicationClass app = new Photoshop.ApplicationClass()

It launches Photoshop CS3 and does not launch CS4. Is there someone who knows the cause of this?

P.S: I checked my registry at // HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Photoshop.AdobePlugin\shell\open\command and it points to the Photoshop CS4 executable.

Why don't you call Process.Start() instead of using their interop for opening it? If all you're doing is executing it then just start the process.

Unfortunately, I can't call Process.Start() because I will need to get the opened images in Photoshop in my code. So, I need a "pointer" on the application and ApplicationClass can provide it to me.

Zip all of the assemblies Photoshop ships (the interop and related assemblies) so I can take a look at them. This might be a %PATH% issues for installed versions

Unfortunately, I cannot send you the assemblies because of the security policies of where I work.

I tried to add the directory path of the Photoshop CS4 executable to the %PATH% variable (because it wasn't here), but it didn't work.

Maybe I will try to uninstall CS3 and see if the ApplicationClass constructor launches CS4, but it is not an acceptable workaround for the user of my program. Any other ideas?

I was going to decompile the assembly and look how it was determining which application to launch, and how you could change it. I guess you could do that yourself.


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