:?: Ok, this might sound like a dumb question. I am a beginner and I am not sure how these programs work.

Our programming dept. creates and maintains severl programs they wrote in VB6 and VB6.NET. Every few weeks they make changes to some of them and they go to everybodys computer and load the new programs with the changes. Is this the way these programs are supposed to work?

I thought I could have 1 copy on a server and then everybody could give call up the program via an icon and get their work done.

Am I thought far off?


This is pertaining to executables. If you put an executable on the network and then allow the users to execute it from the network drive, then allow your users to execute it, you would have downgrade your network security. This would be serious problem because then malicious code could be ran the same way. That is why your network admin dept will not allow the programmers to install it this way.


I can understand that. So I would have to make my changes and then upgrade each persons PC. Is there a better way to do this?

I am looking into creating an applicaiton using SQL for the database and maybe VB.Net or Winforms for the frond end. My Dept. manager does not like this approch because we would have to much housekeeping with exe. on peoples machines.

What is a better approch?

If you ask me, that sounds like the way to do it. You make an EXE that will copy the updated programs from the network to the PC, removing the old version, and letting them use the new version. It's just 1 EXE that you make, that will auto-update the EXE on their machines. Hell, you could have it even setup to do it everyday (it won't matter if the EXE on the network is the same as the one on the PC anyway), at some late time after work. That way, every day they get the updates.