I started an introductory Programming Course in High School, and right now we're doing Visual Basic. (We're learning about For Loops :/) I find the course far too easy and I can do 90% of the work of a single unit in one class. I would like to get ahead of the class because most of the time I'm helping people.

Can you please suggest a good resource to self learn Visual Basic?

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So you want to learn VB yourself ....
Nice thought ...I learned vb myself with the help of friends and some books...
If you want to learn VB follow this : -
1 - Never learn a program only from books or classes [ or from any easy way ..];
2 - Always look for new ways for doing same work in VB ! ;
may be you will get easy and more better way to do that ...
3 - Work and work again work ! ;
do some crazy and funny programs with your limited knowledge ! ;
it will improve your experience with VB ...
4 - Search forums like this for any doubts ....
5 - Use some books for references [ VB BIBLE ; VB BLACK BOOK etc ... ]
6 - Study carefully others work ...
And Don't become lazy [ hehehehe ... ]
Best of luck .....

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