Hi everyone! I am trying to develop an application to communicate with a Microsoft Acces database.
For doing that I import the java.sql package to use the DrvierManager class to get a connection. The problem seems to be the application doesnot find the java.sql package. I have the 1.4.2_08 version..
Thanks 4 your help!

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Some code would be nice.

If it can't find core packages there's something seriously wrong with your installation.

Have you set up your data sources?

You will need to download the appropriate JDBC package to use with access and add it to your classpath so it can pick up the database. Do one of the many JDBC tuts out there and im sure you will find your way.

Shouldn't he already have the JDBC package?

yes, JDBC is part of the standard API.
Unless he means javax.sql which is an optional addon API that's part of the J2EE API of course. In that case he needs to install J2EE and have j2ee.jar on his classpath (or install just the JDBC extensions which used to be and maybe still are available separately as well).

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