What's the simplest way of being able to build Qt Applications using C++? notepad? specific IDE? HOW do I do it? Can someone PLEASE walk me through it.

I found instructions online for integrating MS Visual C++ with Qt. I ended up taking 5-6 hours out of my time to compile and build the Qt library, but apparently, I'm still doing something wrong.

I don't know how to include third party libraries....


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Use QT designer instead. Its works in a similar way to visual studios GUI designer except its aimed at QT intead of MFC.


Use this with the MinGW compiler under windows by the way. QT Creator is bundled with the Qt SDK (http://qt.nokia.com/downloads)


I reccomend reading that whitepaper (PDF Format). has some screenshots in it and a walkthrough.

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for every API, i'm going to need a seperate IDE.

You can use QT with visual studio to write code, you just cant get a nice GUI designer. Its exactly the same with the MS technologies e.g. you cant visually design MFC interfaces on anything other than Visual C++, but there is nothing to stop you using that toolkit by writing the code yourself in another editor and linking to the correct libaries.

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