Hi all,

I just started learning Visual Basic. But a friend told me that this language is outdated now, you should learn vb.net or c#..
Is he right?
Is vb.net is extended version of vb? I mean if i learn vb then i may easily switch to vb.net??

please anwer my ques!

I m much confused..

thnx in advance

vb.net is not similar vb. lot of change made in vb.net. this is right that you get idea form vb and it help to understand vb.net. but not so.

Some say it was blasphemous for ms to call their new OO programming languages VB and C but as things go they did. Here is some background that may help you...



So be forewarned, the "Classic" VB and variants thereof (VBA, VBS) are no where near what you will find in the .NET environment and also be forewarned that someday soon, sooner than you would like, VBA and VBS will also no longer work or be a part of Office applications....