so i just started a computer programming course I am in first year and I am learning JAVA. so far its been pretty straight forward and I am enjoying it. Our project at the moment is to take a Birdspecies Class, a Person Class and a Sighting class( they are all just basic classes, with setters, getters and a constructor and instance variables) and basically implement collections into it all. So have a collection of sighting objects into Person and what not. I pretty much understand the concept i think he just wants us to be able to create different sightings which include different birds and different people. i just really cant seem to understand where the hell i implement the code. and i am kinda boggled by it all. I kind of need to see it finished in order to understand how it all works and alot of this is like teach as you go. ANyways, any advice would be appreciated. if you want to see the code for some of the stuff i did so far, let me know. He also showed us a repository class today wheer we put the collections and some identifiers.

It just confused me.

Thanks everyone there in JAVAland.
ps. we are using a program called BlueJ to write the classes and compile.

We can't help you without seeing the code. Just post it in code tags. And try to ask some specific questions or tell us exactly what you are trying to accomplish and why it is difficult for you.