dear friends,
i am a beginenr in visual c++. for the sake of my project i need to learn visual c++ graphical application part. what actually i require is to make a track (say like eight) to move a object/car. the car should be controlled using the keyboard up-down keys. what i could make easily is the track. but i am not getting hoe to store the data of the track. how to select the car to move it on the track.

pl mind that i am a novice in visual c++ but i am in an urgent need for a help/guidance/suggestion what ever possible to complete my project in time.
thank you in advance

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suggestion : if you are a beginner, then forget about graphics stuff.
You need to learn a language well before you can move on.

suggestion : You might want to use Java. There are plenty of GUI that wraps java.awt among other things in java, where it lets you draw shapes.


I know sir. Thanks for the valuable suggestion. But i have a small problem. I need to complete the stuff by october end. And it will only help me in evaluation of a small performance parameter of a vehicle. I hope you understand. And if possible pl help me........
Any how thanking you for taking some time out and go through my thread............

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