My daugthers Pc has a 20gb hard drive, and windows sent a message, hard drive running out of space, used the clean up utility to gain space. so I did, but only got back a few hundreds mb, and still low on space. used ccleaner and SBMAV CLEANER too; helped but still having the same problem. The C:Windows/installer still 12.2GB and only got 871mb free in drive C, hoping anybody could help so I won't have to format the disk.
Mike Gee

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use ATF Cleaner, Disk Cleanup and CCLeaner - ensure that remove hotfix backups is checked - thats what makes the installer folder big

Also worhtwhile removing old system restore points from the second tab of disk cleanup.

Thanks for the fast reply, I'm going to give a try, let you know how it went.

Thanks for the help, but the installr folder still the same size. I mean what else can I do....thanks again

hate to bug much, but, the folder still the same it did free up about 200 to 300mb on the hard disk, but that installer folder still 12.2gb. You have been a big help. Listen have to go to work, what I'll do is take some snap shots and post them, only thing is, the next day I'm available is monday. Guess I'll post any results on monday. thanks a lot Jbennet again for being there.
see you Monday.

no problem. I think the last link i posted ( ) may help. It fixed a similar issue i had on windows server, where the update cache grew tremendusly due to orphaned hotfix backups.

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