Ok in my Dialog3 i have

Sound on / off
Windows in top on / off
Transparency Forms

and a button2 to Save

How i make it to save ?

in the .ini i have this in it

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

[Audio Settings]

[Windows Settings]

[Transparency Settings]


How i make it save every time is change ?
Sound=1 means that have to be True - On
and 0 = false - off

but i dont know how to make it work

ow i forgot to mention

Sound on / off
RadioButton1 is On
RadioButton2 is Off

Windows in top on / off
RadioButton3 is On
RadioButton4 is Off

is Transparency Value 10 - 1 10 is full 1 is very transparent
i need this urgent plz help :S

Lool are different programs besides some of the questions is to learn ^^