I am trying to prepare a report detailing all jobs entered into program sorted by customer and then by project name. Also produce a report for total products for all projects in database.

I am able to create diferent classess (Component) for all my formular product calculations and then reference them to my applications and when done, store them back to the database.

However, I seem to struggle when I need to call and accurately display my reports. My application simply explodes at runtime. What am I doing wrong?

Do you think I should rather call it and display it in another component tool, may be?

I am still very new to VB .NET

Below is my entire project:
(Create a user friendly form that gathers the following information:

Customer Name, Address, email etc....:
Project name:
Project Address:

Then, a interface that gathers the following information:
foundation width in mm
foundation height in mm
foundation length in mm
wall thickness : 115mm, 230mm or 280mm
Wall height

Then calculate the following and present on a well designed 'results' page that reports the following information (option to print must also be available):

Customer Name and contact details:
Project Name:

Paint required: formula for undercoat = ((wall length input in meters* wall height input in meters * 2)/9)* 5 will return the amount of 5Lt tins of undercoat required
formula for topcoat = ((wall length input in meters * wall height input in meters * 2)/9)* 10 will return the amount of 5Lt tins of topcoat required
Cement Required: formula for foundation = (foundation width in meters * foundation height in meters * foundation length in meters) / 9 will return the amount of 50Kg bags of cement required

The program must be able to accept various jobs for different customers and store these in a database

Prepare a report detailing all jobs entered into program sorted by customer and then by project name. Also produce a report for total amount of cement and paint quoted on for all projects in database.)

Please, help!

South Africa

I think your making it more complicated on the front end then needs to be. As long as you can properly store each of this bits of info to the database, you should then be able to write a query to retrieve the info and calculate it at that time.

For instance it seems that your trying to record totals which is something that can constantly change. Instead record/save the quanties and then calculate your totals in your sql query.

Thank you very much, mate! You have just gave me a light, perhaps you are accurate when the programme can be as simple yet more versatile.

Do you perhaps have a syntax example where I could derive the meat of the calculations when calling my query at the same time? This is where I have a challenge the most.

Thank you for your reply, Tom.


I dont know what your database/table structures look like, what columns they contain or even what calculations you may need but calculating returned results is pretty straight forward.

Select (Column1 + Colum2) As TotalBlah From myTable
Select (colQuanity * colPrice) As ItemTotal From myTable

Okay, what I will do is to go back to my table structure and tell you exactly how it is constructed. First, I will attempt to implement your test example and see what it returns.

I should be able to return to you with something early tommorow!

Thank you, mate!

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