hey im a freshmen in hightschool and i need to learn to code, i was hoping some one could tell me the the visuial basic version of this .NET codeing and i know i made a few mestakes

Dim Name As String
Console.WriteLine("your name here" {} )
Dim Name As String
Console.Writeline ("hello"{})
Console. Readeline
im sorry i know its basic but give me a break im 14

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As for tutorials for either vb6 or any of the flavors of vb.net, you can use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) to find them. So you keywords would be vb6 read write consol.

Then in this thread, is just a small sample of sites I have collected up to that point that have code, tips, tricks, and tutorials...


Good Luck

thanks but that doesnt solve my current problem
and this is the correct version of the code

dim name as string
Console.Write("type your name")
Dim name As String
name = Console.ReadLine()
Console.WriteLine ("hay, {0}", name)
Console.WriteLine ()
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