hello every1,
my project is on the verge of completion and a large part of the credit goes to daniweb.
now m stuck with a very annoying problm. ive googled the whole day but to no avail.
m using visual studion 2005 and access 07.
ive clubbed these three problms together cause i thought they might be related somehow...

1) i want the mdi child screen to be maximized. but on the first attempt only the control box goes to the top rite corner. however on the 2nd attempt it gets sorted out.
ive tried to set the initial state to maximized but with same result. please help

2) whn the form loads it gives this tiling effect.. like the effect a tube light gives whn it is switced on...which is very annoying.
ive search for the result and some recommended to change the resolution of the user screen which is not acceptable to me.
cant i change the resolution of my application depending on the user's resolution. any other solution will be appreciated

3) whn the form is maximized i want its user control or contents to change their alignment accordingly...
anchor property only changes the size however the ideal thing will be to change the controls position w.r.t the container or form...

a quick and easy solution is both required and highly appreciated.

id also request for some sample code along with the solution if possible.

thnx in adavance

ive also set double buffer to true but to no avail...
plz help