I write as a systems administrator and own VS Team 2008 Team Suite. I would want to learn about the features within the package that allow developers to collaborate with other developers either real-time or otherwise.

Additionally, I would want to learn about the features that would allow me to assign and monitor the progress of projects. Much thanks for an informed response.

I would forget about using microsoft's collaboration tools. I would switch over to Subversion. I have never gotten their versioning control code to work like I think it should and I have seen many complaints about it. Subversion has a lot of third-party plugins for creating tickets, generating reports, etc etc. You can also write your own.

Much thanks for your timely reply. I am just feeling my way around this product. If you know of any specific VS toolbar collaboration commands they would be appreciated. I have , however, visited the subversion website and am presently reviewing. I am appreciative of your informed opinion.

I don't know of any VS collaboration tools off hand. To be honest I like to keep my collaboration tools separate from the IDE. I don't like VS' auto checkout feature, file locking, etc. In the older days of VS the IDE would sometimes eat designer files and screw up the project. I can't image what it would be like if it then tried to auto-commit those changes.....

I hope you like subversion! :)