I m newbie with Hibernate. I use Netbeans IDE for my Java projects. I wrote the *.hbm file and mapping.xml file. and when i try to create the POJO classes, It apparantly does not show the *.hbm and mappng files associated with the project...
Any pointers to where I mite be going wrong..
One more Question, I downloaded the NEtbeans plugin for ANT.. And I updated the path variable(Environment Variable) with the ANT - bin, yet i m not able to execute "ant" command..

Not sure about Hibernate, but try to follow this tutorial from NetBeans website (designed for NB 5.5, but should work)

For ANT you need to create new variable ANT_HOME with path to ANT like C:\Ant-1.7.1 and then update PATH with ;%ANT_HOME%\bin . Also it is good idea to have JAVA_HOME variable set as C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_16 (change version numbers as need it)