What kinda appoch would people here take for tacking a gui on an already existant console program.

What do you mean? I would just open up something like Visual Studio .NET and start with what I normally call "MainForm" which is the main GUI, then create the main functionality on there and create a main menu with all the different things the user can do, then go down that list implementing them one at a time...

I was more looking for different approches people have used.

They way I ended up doing it wasn't very nice.

But I was thinking more like perhaps using a factory design pattern, but the real problem with something like that is the way my initial console application was created. The console UI created all the object as opposed to a say Runner class constructing the console UI and deligates being used to pass messages. Really when I look back this would have been the best way todo things, but sadly this wasn't how things where done.

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