okay. i'm an B.S.I.T student and we're going to develop a system. i hope you can suggest a unique system. my professor doesn't like common system: library system, student information system, etc. hope you guys can suggest some. we might use VB6, VB2008 or VB.net. it's up to our prof. thanks in advance! :)

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You will need to specify the purpose of the system, how it will be used, by whom and if internet or network access is required.

You also need to specify what type of information will be stored, if the data will need to be accessed by another program like Access or Excel, and whether passwords will be required by Adminstrator or general user.


Just a note... VB2008 IS VB.NET...

As for unique systems...
Resellers database (Middle man sales)
Fake stock trade with all the formulas to teach people how to trade stocks and what to look for/how to read statements
Engineering solutions (See www.FantasticContraption.com or http://www.miniclip.com/games/magic-pen/en/ or http://bbg.bridgebuilder-game.com/ or http://www.crypticsea.com/bridgebuilding/index.html )
User defined design of system (user builds interface and database design at same time for documentation purposes for programmer to implement)

Good Luck

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