Hi. I want to include an email function in my program. So that if anybody needs to ask me a question, they can use my program to send me an email.

I want to do this this way:

I want my program to connect to my website, and post data to fill out my PHP e-mailer script. Then I want it to press the send data.

WebBrowser1:: Document:: GetElementById("youremail"):: SetAttribute("value", (textBox1.Text))
WebBrowser1:: Document:: GetElementById("body):: SetAttribute("value", (textBox2.Text))
WebBrowser1:: Document:: GetElementById("submit")::InvokeMember("click")

(Spaces were added to avoid icons)

The program was initially written in VC++. But I am going to convert it to either mASM or pure C++. (Pure C++ as in no .NET framework) This is the only problem. I do not know how to go about sending emails. I have tried using sockets, but they are very unstable and do not work well. So I decided to use a PHP form.

How would this be done? Could anybody tell me the functions from MSDN.com that could do this for me? I am thinking that this would be done via wininet, but I am not sure which functions I would use.

So could anybody please tell me which functions could accomplish posting data?


>>The program was initially written in VC++

VC++ is not a computer language. Its an IDE/compiler. So saying you are converting from vc++ to c++ is nonsense.