Give me convience or give me death!

The would-be programmer is
introduced in some way to what could
be compared to a CS101 course.
He is taught about algorithms,
variables, procedures, recursive
functions, data structures and arrays.
One of the fundamental steps for
any program development is ease of
program development through
incremental stages of implementation
and testing and the all to important
methods for procedural abstraction.
This world is indefinitely growing,
complicated, complex and diverse.
But it doesn't require a genuis to
be a programmer, nearly anyone can
be trained to be a programmer and the
computer science courses offered by
universities train a person with
no knowledge of programming from the
ground up.
Coding is complex but there are many
steps that are technically
unnecessary but make programming
easier, these steps become
necessities and there are very few
programmers that can go without them.
Convience is necessary to make
programming even practical, the
more convience a programmer has the
better programmer he can be.
Compilers, linkers, libraries,
loaders, operating enviroments,
device independence, all these things
are for convience and without them
the world would not be what we see

In the end its just electromagnetic
radiation messing with your brain.

Coder 3y3ty, "Give me convience or give me death!"
happy coding,
and good day.

I wouldn't say that a compiler is for convenience, I would say that it is necessary to compile source code. (:

Those compilers pump out assembler for you,
I say its technically for convience because the program
could be coded on the bare metal,
Remember for code to do anything it eventually has to
have machine instructions that implement the code
at the low-level.
I'm sorry I said it was FOR convience, that in fact is
really not true.
But let bygones be bygones, right?

Good point.
What is device independence?

Well, device independence is when an abstract
interface is provided for software to access
the hardware without intimate knowledge
of the hardware configuration of the host
system upon which it is running.
Device drivers typically contain the actual
hardware specific implementation for communicating
with a device at the low-level.

On these MS-DOS systems for example, a devicle handle which
refers to the console when written to or read from, the actual
code for reading from the keyboard or writing to the screen
will be contained in the CON device driver.

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