Hi, my name is Jonathan. I am 20 years old and I have just started getting into programming in the C++ language (you must get this alot). I do know a couple of programming languages already.

Now before I waste your time let me just say that there is no question in this post. The purpose of this thread is mainly just for me to introduce myself, explain why I am here and give you a brief introduction of my programming goals.

These are the reasons I want to learn C++:

First off, is the ability to create programs that run independently from an Operating System. I am in the process of creating my own boot disk to handle tasks that I commonly have to do before I do Windows installations for "fixing" computers. Also I am interested in creating a Windows-based service for a networking program idea I have. That and, well I have been wanting to learn this language for years now lol ;)

I am going to be working on some pretty interesting program ideas. Most of my program ideas do not currently exist and I think one of them has the potential to completely change the way personal computers are used on a home network (only if mass-distributed of course). Another program idea I have could save hours when formatting/reinstalling Windows on a computer by backing up things like personal settings, product keys, files/documents, activation information, drivers and maybe even full-fledged programs. I think you can understand how C++ could help me.

I am a very independent learner so you will not have to worry about me too much. That isn't to say that I won't accept help. If anybody at any time is interested in co-developing any one of my programs I am more than happy to accept. Also, feel free to ask questions about any of my ideas.

Thank you for reading, and I hope your day turns out as awesome as mine was. =D

Do you like long walks on the beach

i like walks and beaches.. but i can never do anything for too long that doesn't require thinking :P

i take that back.. there is at least one exception to that rule that i can think of lol