HI guys
I am just started learning SQL server. I have installed sql server 2008 in one laptop (call it 1) and it is connected to internet now

  1. i want to access it from another pc which is connected with 1 via WAN.
  2. and how to connect to sql server on 1 by internet

Please help me out

you need to install sql server client in the other system and connect to the server to access the database..

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yes I have it in the server as well as client when i try to access databases on 1 it gives an message about some connectivity problems.

Could a firewall on the server be blocking the client from accessing the SQL Server?

Sounds like a networking issue rather than a SQL server issue. I could be wrong though :)

I searched over few places and it seems that sql server needs some two or there ports .... things like that and i also thought it is something related to security so i left it.

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