Hello all, I am not a coder but I have a code problem you might say. I have found myself in quite a conundrum using the SetSuspendState. I want to be able to wake on event and I do not know how to toggle the SetSuspendState at all. By default it is enabling the DisableWakeEvent option and I would like to disable it. I have done quite a bit of searching and have yet to find an exact example of what I am looking for. If anyone is willing to give me an exact example of a SetSuspendState with the DisableWakeEvent option turned off, I would be very appreciative.

This has caused me some major headaches trying to work around an old bios without any power options. I have seen quite a few posts here about this and have seen the Microsoft site too. Still, I am pretty confused and frustrated. Please help me! lol. :)


So, I want to create a one-line program that calls SetSuspendState with the desired args. where as DisabeWakeEvent is off.

Post full code , no one can understand what are you talking about.

Post full code , no one can understand what are you talking about.

I dont have code, I was hoping someone would help me write some. Im sure someone knows what I am talking about, this is a common situation regarding SetSuspendState. Actually I would think this would be pretty easy, however, like I stated previously...I am not a coder.

Actually this explains it pretty well.


__in BOOLEAN Hibernate,
__in BOOLEAN ForceCritical,
__in BOOLEAN DisableWakeEvent