I got a plenty of free time now and interested in GUI developement, I got expirience in C++, thats not the problem. I've done apps in wxWidgets before which I got bored to. Would it be learning to learn winApi or do you guys got better suggestions, as I said I am interested in making GUI:s with C++ and expirience is not a problem.


Anything you use other than the Win32 Api for Windows programming involves your use of the Win32 Api through an 'abstraction layer'. That abstraction layer might be MFC, it might be .NET. It might be wxWidgets or QT. In other words, you are making a trade off in the hope of gaining more from the trade off than you are losing by making it.

So you have to examine your personal situation and look at what you want to do. If what you want to do can easily be done through some higher level interface to the Win32 Api, or if it would be good to have the solution work in Linux/Unix, then the Win32 Api might not be the way to go. On the other hand, if its a complicated non-standard GUI and size/speed are important, the Win32 Api might be best.

Your own personal inclinations matter too. If you like the Win32 Api or want to learn to program against it then I'd factor that in. On the other hand, if you really like some other toolkit and are just thinking of learning the Win32 Api like taking medicine or something, then it might not work for you.

Avoid Qt (not used anymore in Europe (expensive and slow))
Either use Win32 api (Win32 gurus use it) or .NET

Any program write in QT it's work in any platform ....:)
it's Advantage for QT and easy to use
Win32 api is difficult and just work in windows ..!!!

Avoid Qt (not used anymore in Europe (expensive and slow))
Either use Win32 api (Win32 gurus use it) or .NET

Of course Win32 Gurus would use the Win32 API, it's what they're good at, that doesn't mean it's the best thing to use.

Qt is multi-platform, whereas the Windows API isn't, if the platform doesn't matter then the Windows API is a nice choice, but otherwise don't just say Qt is slow (without any evidence) and say the Windows API is the best choice.

i think WinApi like MFC is old and obsolete!

You thought wrong, I still use the Windows API because it's low-level, fast and doesn't require a netframe installed to run the application.

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