Hi, I have a program that will download files from a company website given a list of links. The site requires authentication, and I do have code that will set the authentication cookie in the request header. I get the authentication cookie from a Perl script we have. What I would love to do is have my vb .net program get the authentication cookie based on my username and password. The perl script goes to the following link:


The it reads the cookie out of the response. Here is the code I have, but my cookie count always comes back at zero. :(

Dim cookieJar As New Net.CookieContainer()
        Dim cookie As New Net.Cookie
        Dim req As Net.HttpWebRequest        
        Dim resp As Net.HttpWebResponse        
        Dim strUrlLogon As String = "http://site.domain.com/cgi?func=ll.login&NextURL=/&Username=foo&Password=bar"  
        req = Net.HttpWebRequest.Create(strUrlLogon)
         resp = req.GetResponse()
        txtCookie.Text = resp.Cookies.Count.ToString

Now this is just to get a count of cookies returned. I always get zero! I have tried various things to pull the cookie out, but what good is that if there isn't one? I have verified the request link and username and password. The perl script works fine. Thanks all.