I need to lock label position. so, my label can't move at all..
now, i'm using label1.Enabled = False..
but, my label.forecolor become gray..

can any help me to lock label position without changing label forecolor to gray??


"can't move at all" means that it doesnt change the position on resizing the form? if so then set the anchor property of the label.

ow if you meant the moving in the designer then set the "Lock" property to true.

not when at the designer...
let me explain.
I make program that drag n drop label on the form..
at mouse event up, I want lo lock label position, so I can't drag n drop label for the 2nd time...

have you got any solution for this. coz even this happens for me. i cant stop moving the label. any solutions

when you are use mouse up event make label.locked=true. if you want to make that lable enable = false then change the back color of that label so it will looks in white whether it is Enable=true/False.
try this is one :)

you should try using if statement to check if the label has already been drag and dropped

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