I decided that I wanted to try something hard - write a program that allows 2 different mice to be used simultaneously by the same computer. I realize that this is going to be very difficult, and require not only C++, but probably some low level C, if not assembly as well. The first problem that I ran into is the most important one - I don't know how the Mouse Architecture is set up (on Windows). Obviously, it only supports 1 cursor at a time, but numerous attached mice at a time. That would be the hardest part to fix. Does anyone know if that part of the OS (The part that deals with mouse input and getting data from USB devices) is readily available?
Thanks for any help you you can give me! =)

I think I remember some construct of the windows api that allows one to enumerate system devices....

Allow me to break into the windows bible and I'll get back to you on this...


As I am doing more research on this topic, I did find this forum post you may want to take a look at:

It discusses a 'multiport SDK' as well as drivers that support multi-mice.