Hi all.

I am required to make a program appear a registration form upon the insertion of a USB device. And this registration form is supposed to appear once, when the USB device is inserted for the first time. I am told that I am supposed to make a Windows Service connect with the WinForm program to do so.

May I know if there is any way for me to connect the Windows Service with the WinForm program?

Thanks alot in advance.

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The concept you're after is IPC (inter-process communication). If the service and application run on the same machine you can use remoting and named pipes. You can also run services in desktop interactive mode so they can display items to the currently logged on user but that starts to get a little tricky and is only supported in newer versions of windows if i'm not mistaken.

Thank you for your advice.

Can you tell me how I can do the remoting and named pipes?
And, I forget to mention, that I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and the coding language that I'm using is C#.

Thanks alot.

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