I wasn't too sure whether this topic would fit into any sub sections on Daniweb at all, but I'm very confused right now.

I have a HP Laserjet 3015 Multifunctional - but i'm sure the name of the printer shouldn't matter. I downloaded the software drivers for the printer about an hour ago, and used this site.


What I want to do with my printer is be able to print from upstairs (the printer is in the office downstairs) without having to bring the printer physically and connect it to my computer with a USB. I followed this site's instructions and it didn't work.

Is there any help I can get? I don't really want to bring my computer (laptop) downstairs because i've had it for a few years and as expected, the battery-life is poor.

Some useful info before anyone answers:

I'm running on Windows XP
I have a cable internet (broadband) and NO WIRELESS

If moire info is needed, i'm happy to tell :)

Thanks DaniWeb, you've helped me a lot with past computer problems before.


I have a home network that share one printer. First of all, you need to set up your home network, on the computer where the printer is plugged in. From there you need to do the same on any other computer on the network, by running the wizard on them.

After your network is set-up, you need to make the printer a shared printer. This will alter your firewall settings to allow other computers to connect to the printer.

Now, to connect to the printer from another computer on the network, you will install the shared printer on that computer by going to controll panel > printers > ad new printer and make sure you have the correct path to the printer, for example \\userfiles\printername

After succesfully installation of the shared printer on the remote computer on the network, you can print from it, provided the printer is turned on, and the computer it is connected to is also turned on and logged-in.

Do you think you could give me a step-by-step instruction or one from another website?


Sorry for the late respons, yesterday I was a bit off from the computer stuff.

Okay, step by step, to first set up your home network, that will allow printer and file sharing on XP computers, visit the following page:


You have to do the above step by step on all computers you want in the network.

After you done the above, go to your controll panel on the computer that needs to print from a different room, make sure it is connected to the router.

In controll panel, click on "printers and faxes" icon to open it.

Then click on "ad new printer" and follow the steps of that wizard. Make sure you choose "Network printer" then next.

Then choose: "Connect to this printer" and click next.

If your network is set up correctly, you will be able to see the other computer on the network now, and choose it as the path to the printer. Make sure you filled the printer name correctly, and click next, choose then default printer, and next, then finish, and you are done.


Not sure if the site covers it but one of the things that you MUST have to get two windows XP systems to see each other is the NWLink NETBIOS protocol installed in every system. It is the protocol that broadcasts and identifies other windows systems when there is no Domain Controller in the local network.

To install it use the following:

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. When explorer comes up RIGHT click on My Network Places in the list on the right and then from the dialog box select Properties at the bottom.
  3. This will bring up Network Connections. Right click on the Local Area Connection X and again select Properties at the bottom.
  4. You should get another box with Local Area Connection X Properties. Scroll through the box in the middle and see if there are any entries that start with NWLink. If not then click the Install button from the three buttons in the middle of the dialog box.
  5. The next box asks what type of component you want to install select Protocol and click Add (sometimes takes a minute for the next box to pop up).
  6. For your final selection pick NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible transport and Click OK.
  7. It will take a moment and will not need and CD's or disks then come back to the Local Area Connection X Properties Box. Select OK for each of the boxes you have open.
  8. It may but does not always suggest a reboot put I recommend it. 80% of the time it will not see the other computers till you do.

Good Luck

I cannot thank you enough for both of your answers. I will use them tomorrow as I am watching the cricket :S and it is extremely hot and stuffy. That might not be a very valid excuse, so oops! :)

Let us know how you were doing

I will. I'll start tomorrow morning and let you 2 know how it's all coming along

One thought, does the printer have a network (RJ45) socket on it? If so, connecting it directly to the router would be far easier and printing would be far quicker too!

Rik, It does have an RJ45 socket for faxing and what not, but when I plug it in to my router, it cuts out the phone line and sometimes the internet

An RJ45 and phone socket are 2 totally different things! An RJ45 is not for faxing at all. A phone socket is for faxing. You need to be %100 sure of what sockets it has and what they are for before attempting to set it up on the network.

Plugging the wrong thing into your router could cause it harm.