hi i am using delphi 2009.

i am looking to have a grid on the form, and draw a 2D shape from lines on that grid and have it rotate around a central point.

first of all i would like to ask what would be the best method to do this, would it be to use OpenGL or Standard GDI.

is there any VCL Components for delphi 2009 i can use that automatically place a grid and allow me to draw on it at set coordinates.

i can draw basic lines using the

procedure TForm1.FormPaint(Sender: TObject);
     Canvas.MoveTo(20, 15);
     Canvas.LineTo(150, 245);

if there is no VCL components for delphi 2009 to help me out, please could you tell me, how i can draw a grid on a section of my form, and add lines etc to the coordinates on the grid and also how to make it rotate 360º after drawing it.

thank you for your time

I can't say what the best method would be. I'm looking into that myself now except I want to use a dot grid like you see on forms at design time. I'm going to look at the code for TForm to see how Delphi did it. You might try that.

Do you plan to "snap-to-grid"?

As for rotating a bitmap, there are a number of downloads on the Graphics page at Torry's you can try. I know JanFX has a lot of graphics routines and SmoothRotate is among them.