i need to ask some question about header file and some sentence in c++
because i prepare master in image processing
cane anyone offer help ,please

sure whats the question, exactly?

i preparing master in image processing specially in recognition
i use microsoft visual c++ 6
my system is window xp
but the code i work in was ran in linux because it use huge database
so i have a lot of problems with running it in my PC
put i have no other solution
my first question
ieeefp.h how can i get it?
i want to make trace for my code to know the result step by step,how????

sure whats the question, exactly?

excuse me ,i'm new here ,but what i learn is that you wanted to put my skill in test and i think i solved the problem and this is it

int main()
using namespace std;
int count=0;
char ch;

cout <<"type number from 1 to 5"<<endl ;

	if(ch==' ')
	else if(ch=='-')


cout<<"the number of letters used     "<<count<<endl;
return 0;

tell me if it true our not