I am planning to create a system for my case study wherein i can Add tags from images and search for it by "tags" such as photobucket.

For example i open an image to my system, and it's file name was "WhiteHouse.jpg" and i added or tagged it as "Building". Once i search on my computer, and type the word/keyword "Building", the image "WhiteHouse.jpg" will be displayed on search results as i tagged it on my system.

Is that possible guys? or i can only search by tags using my system/application? and not in the search command in my computer?

If it is possible please tell me what to do. or if you have sample vb.net2008(windows Application) files it will be helpful. Or if you have sites related into it. pls send me those links, especially downloadable vb.net files w/ codes for further studying.

I really need help! Thank you very much in advance!! :D

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