I am new to Java and have ran this several different ways nothing works.
My instructor is requiring that the BufferedReader be used in the program I am attempting to write. I can convert to doubles and can do String but it will not work with integers. (This method for input from the user is not in the book we are using, the book uses System.in.read or JOptionPane not the BufferedReader and PrintWriter methods.

static BufferedReader keyboard = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));
static PrintWriter screen = new PrintWriter(System.out,true);

mLength = new Integer(keyboard.readLine()).intValue;

this is the line of code that is giving me trouble the two lines above are in the program to use the classes for the BufferedReader and PrintWriter. This one gives the error code can not resolve symbol - the mLength variable has been declared in the program. Any help would be appreciated