I have created a setup file that takes the primary output of my .net application.

How do i fetch the location where the user will install the setup on his pc.
I need to trace this path using the C# application.

I've been searching the net since days but havent found anything useful.

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its a windows setup

I do not want to hardcode the installation path
and want to trace where the exe gets loaded on the users PC
using my C# code


i went thru these posts .. but i cudnt find what i want

i have decided to hardcode the path to which the msi shud get installed.

i want to execute the msi in a passive mode, but cannot figure out how and where to specify the command line in the setup project

also there is a sequence of steps to be followed during execution, I need to promt the user to restart his comp after 2 such steps, how and where do I specify all this in the setup project?


i also have to use custom actions to delete files at another location during uninstallation of the msi.
i kno all the commands .. the problem is where do i place them???


ok! i got the solution for my second question on deleeting files during uninstalling the msi

i wrote as vbscripts for the same and they work fine.

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