// error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '*' token
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `bst.o'

class BinarySearchTree
        int count;
		int n;
        struct tree_node
			   tree_node* left;
			   tree_node* right;
			   char data[1000];
        tree_node* root;

			   root = NULL;
				count = 0;
		bool isEmpty() const { return root==NULL; }
		void print_preorder();
		void print_format(tree_node*,int,int[100],char) const;
		void preorder(tree_node*,int,int[100],char) const;
		void insert(char*);
		void remove(char*);
		bool search(char*);
		tree_node* inorderSuccessor(tree_node*); /* Finds the inorder successor of a node */
		int num_nodes();
		//int countNodes(tree_node *&root);

tree_node* BinarySearchTree::inorderSuccessor(tree_node* p )
   if(!p) return NULL;
    if (!p) return NULL;
    while (p->left) {
        p= p->left;
    return p;

Line 40

Since tree_node is nested inside the BinarySearchTree class, you need to apply the scope resolution operator ..

[B]BinarySearchTree[/B]::tree_node * BinarySearchTree::inorderSuccessor(tree_node* p ){}

or make the declaration of tree_node public and use a typedef ..

typedef BinarySearchTree::tree_node treeNode;
treeNode * BinarySearchTree::inorderSuccessor2(tree_node* p ){}
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