Using VB.NET write a program that can calculate the grade of a student based on his or her marks in five subjects as input according to the following rules:

•Grade A: For average between 100 and 80 (inclusive)
•Grade B: For average between 79 and 65 (inclusive)
•Grade C: For average between 64 and 40 (inclusive)
•Grade D: For average less than 40
The forms should enable input of marks in five subjects and name of the student. It should display the average and grade for the student and also display a message if the average is less than 40 indicating the student has failed. The form must also have an option to enter the grades for another student after calculating the grade for one student, without having to execute the application again.

Where to begin to select the code editor to write the program.

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>Where to begin to select the code editor to write the program.

Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Console.WriteLine("Hello, world!")
    End Sub
End Module
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