hello i'm newbie here. i'm finish to develop a registration system using vb 2008 exp edition. so, i want to connect my standalone system with LAN network. i want to access database from other computer and be use in my system. i'm use crosscable to connect with 2 computer. before this, i'm just change connection string: 'server = ip address of second computer
but it's didn't work. anyone help me?

connectionstring = "server=localhost; user id=root;password=123456;database=vrs;"

thank you for your help

the situation is where:
2 PC will be connected using crosss cable

1st p.c - server that have vb express 2008 and the sqlserver express
2nd p.c - client that have only vb express 2008.

the client PC need to connect to the server.. :)

Help please!!! what do i need to share my two application....

>but it's didn't work. anyone help me?

Perform following steps to test a database connection.

1. Open Visual Studio.
2. Select View Menu + Server Explorer.
3 . Right click on Data Connections + Add Connection + Change Data source (Microsoft Sql Server).

thanks for your post. u mention above that used Microsoft Sql Server..but i'm using MySql server 5.0..but i try to find MySql in data source, but not found.

i have done my connection string for my system and connected to localhost database, it's success. but, i wanna try to connect to database from other PC..still dont know how the step..