I'm new to outlook add ins. i developed an outlook 2007 add in project and added a setup project so i will be able to install the add in to other computers.
when i install the add in (using the installer from the setup project) it works fine on my computer, actually it works fine on any computer with a visual studio installed. the problem is with computers that don't have visual installed.
when i install the add in i see all the registry keys added to the registry but the add in is not loading.
i know that in outlook 2003 add in,a dll named AddinLoader.dll must be registered in order for the add in to work. what is the case in outlook 2007 add in ?
what dll's must i registered to make the add in work ?

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>the problem is with computers that don't have visual installed.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 add-in on a computer requires the installation of many prerequisites

1. Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0/3.0/3.5.
2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 Tools for Office runtime.
3. Microsoft Office 2007 primary interop assembly.

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