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I am writing a program for students and to keep it platform independent I have chosen to convert it to Java. Now, earlier I was using C# and with MS Visual Studio, I was able to write a plugin which would save all open ms office documents. I am trying to figure out if this kind of interaction is possible with Java. If anyone can make a suggestion, I'll really appreciate it. Also, any suggestions about platform independent solutions?


>Also, any suggestions about platform independent solutions?
Java + Open Office

Platform independent solutions for an application to interact with MS Office?

OK, I think I did not state my problem clearly. What I'm trying to do is to save any open MS-Office Application file that are open through my Java program. I was lookin at platform independent as MS-Office is available for both Win and Mac. I have an insight on the integration of Open-Office's similar functionailty.

Thanks for the replies!

In that case, without JNI, no, not that I know of, and with JNI, you are not platform independent. And you're not platform independent anything with MS Office, whether it runs on MAC or not. I wouldn't be surprised, in the least, to find out that any ouside API, which it would need to be to work with Java, is radically different on MAC than it is on Windufus which destroys any "platform independence".