I would like to add some scripting support to my .NET-application (I usually code in VB.NET). Since VisualStudio 2008 won't let me use VSA to get scripting support, and the Windows ScriptControl crashes in 64-bit mode, I have been looking for an alternative solution to my problem.

I would really like to be able to code the scripts in VBScript or VB.NET, because of the simple syntax.

Would it be possible to implement some kind of sandbox inside my application to make it run a VB.NET application inside itself? Or is there any simpler way of getting scripting support?


I didn't get much help from your links (I had already looked through them before), but I found an old project called Script.NET (which is more JavaScript-like), it seems to work very well and the syntax is quite clean though.

Thanks for your help

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